Every Easter we invite our people to contribute toward a special offering above and beyond their normal giving that helps start and strengthen Kingdom endeavors here and around the world. This year’s Easter Renewal Offering recipients are ministries doing significant and strategic work in the areas of mission and mercy. You can learn more about each organization below.
You can give to the ERO online by clicking the link below.

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Human Coalition and Women’s Care Clinic of Grapevine

Because God is a God of life, we want to help promote life and flourishing. The Women’s Care Clinic of Grapevine, under the organizational umbrella of the Human Coalition, continues to reach more women every year and rescue more babies every year. God continues to bless this clinic in the promotion of life and we are privileged to stand with them. A portion of our ERO will go to help strengthen and advance this ministry in our city.

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North American Mission Board (NAMB)

NAMB is the mission extension of our national convention, the Southern Baptist Convention. NAMB is planting churches all throughout North America, and in particular, major cities in North America where the Church is not flourishing. Our gifts to NAMB will help start, strengthen and sustain works among people and places that currently have little gospel witness.

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Empower One

Empower One is a remarkable organization that exists to be part of a movement bringing the gospel to the nearly 20 million South Sudanese and Sudanese who have never heard the name of Jesus. Through theological training and mentoring, Empower One trains indigenous leaders to be disciple makers, church planters, bible school teachers, missionaries, and elementary school teachers. We have the privilege to help train these leaders and work beside them as they seek to evangelize and plant disciple-making churches in their communities. In 2018 we were able to fund a Pastor’s Conference attended by 1,400 African pastors mainly from South Sudan and Uganda. We look forward to further engagement with Empower One.

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Send Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States that is in a desperate situation. Home to 3.4 million people, the poverty, unemployment, failing education system, orphan crises, and recent destruction from Hurricane Maria in 2017 have left its people facing insurmountable needs. The greatest of these needs is a strong gospel witness sharing the message and mercy of Jesus. Send Puerto Rico (Send PR), an arm of the North American Mission Board, is a new initiative in Puerto Rico addressing the physical and spiritual needs of the region. Send PR focuses on church planting and disaster relief, as well as starting centers to care for and educate young teens who have graduated out of the foster care system. Apart from this kind of intervention, these teens are highly susceptible to gangs, sex traffickers, and suicide. Our gifts will help pave the way for the launch of these new centers while also helping to start and strengthen new churches in Puerto Rico. We are excited to enter into this partnership.