When we first set out to bring Perspectives to Church at the Cross, we envisioned it having the powerful potential to create the foundations of a mission culture within our ranks. Now that we have witnessed such an astounding response, we are prayerful and hopeful that God will continue His mighty work amongst us.  


Missiologists have discovered that every individual has five options in order to be a part of how God plans to complete his Great Commission; Pray, Welcome, Go, Send, and Support.  It is our hope that we will ALL take the faithful step of Supporting and Sending in our own unique ways.  Let’s focus here on the three opportunities to PRAY, WELCOME, and GO.  



Prayer is essential to the mission of God.  When you study the history of Christian missions, it is unmistakable that mighty movements of God have followed intentional times of prayer by His people. We want to be such people.  


We have a weekly time of prayer here at Church at the Cross on Tuesday mornings at 6:30am in the Hangar to pray for the mission of God in the nations and our neighbors.  All are welcome.  In this time, we will focus on praying for God’s continued mission around the world and seek wisdom of how we might take part in it.  

For your own personal times of prayer, we commend resources such as www.prayercast.com and Pray for the World.  



In the bustle of our daily lives it can be hard to recognize that God is doing an incredibly unique thing here in DFW.  Immigrants, refugees, and students are landing in DFW daily from the ends of the earth.  Many of them come from countries where missionaries simply cannot go. This creates huge potential for mission today.

We have two methods to serve as ‘welcomers’ to those within our midst from distant lands.  


International Students Inc. serves to connect the local church to international students in their area.  Much of this ministry opportunity is merely having a servants' heart to love those from distant lands.  Statistics show that more than 80% of international students never enter an American home while studying in the US.  Let's help change this indicting statistic! 

ISI will host a Texas-sized welcome party appropriately named 'Big Howdy' on Sunday, August 26th.  

Reach out to Lezlie Langford at lezlielangford@gmail.com with any questions.    


BRIDGES is a 6-week small group experience facilitated by a DVD and a discussion leader focused on how to engage Muslims with the Gospel.  We plan to offer these groups on a rolling basis as there is interest.   The materials are produced by the Crescent Project.  Indicate interest below and we will send more details.


IFG is a ministry that is serving the international population right here in our community. ESL courses along with cultural lessons are offered every Tuesday morning from 9-12 at First Baptist Church Grapevine.  Childcare is provided for volunteers' children.   

The first class of the year is September 4th. 

If interested, fill out the form below to reach out and we will get you connected.



So, you feel called to the nations? We want to work with you to help identify the best way to do that.  We have many partnerships with organizations like the IMB, Frontiers, and NAMB to draw from in having that conversation.  

In the short-term though, here are some options to help you feel better equipped.  


6 Stones is a catalyzing organization in Bedford. They are doing excellent transformational development work right here in our community.  We encourage you to connect with their next opportunity to serve your neighbors here in DFW.  www.6stones.org.  


Launch Global assists the local church in equipping its people to do ministry long-term internationally. This is accomplished in two ways.  First is a 10-week small group experience of intentional discipleship oriented toward becoming a disciple maker.  The second option is a 9-month endeavor that involves you moving to a location along with a small community of people for the purpose of reaching internationals with the gospel. If interested, fill out the form below to reach out.

Fill out the form below to reach out and indicate your interest in the options from above.  Someone on our team will follow up
with you soon to help walk you through this next season of mission engagement.

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