Our God is a God of Radical Generosity. When the Apostle Paul wanted to encourage an urban church in a culture forging global city to be people of radical generosity, he pointed them to this truth about God seen most clearly in the giving of His Son.

2 Corinthians 8.9-10 “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you by His poverty might become rich.” (ESV)

Radical generosity is generosity that flows from an encounter with this radically generous God we meet in the gospel of Jesus Christ. When the gospel takes root in our lives, it becomes the story that shapes, informs, and defines the decisions and direction of our lives. So, just like Christ, we gladly become poor, giving sacrificially of our lives to enrich the lives of others. Just as our Savior poured himself out to rescue and enrich our lives, so we would pour out our lives to rescue and enrich the lives of others – not just friends and family, but even those who are removed from us.


Giving online is available using the button below.  We offer both CC and bank account withdrawal options.  We would ask you to consider the bank account option as the cost to the church is significantly less. 


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The Mercy Fund provides help in three ways. 

Benevolence - provides tangible help to those in physical crises. Giving to our mercy fund will help us to continue to meet the physical needs among us. 

Counseling - provides resources for counseling to those in need of emotional and spiritual care. 

Orphan Care - provides funding for adopting parents and resources for foster care families. We will receive this offering through the month of December and encourage you to prayerfully consider generously giving to this fund.

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Our Easter Renewal Offering is a missions offering that goes beyond the walls of our own church to help and people and places encounter Jesus. This offering helps start and strengthen exisiting churches in under-reached places as well as advance mercy and justice causes in our own community. We receive this offering  through the Easter Tide season.