Q&A Podcast Ep. 1: Romans 8

Listen to our first ever, Q&A Podcast where we will help you go just a little further into your understanding of the Romans 8 text. Pastor Joseph Tenny is joined by Pastor JR Vassar in answering the questions you have sent in as you have been following the sermons. They cover everything from important biographies and helpful books to ongoing sanctification and baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is a deeper unpacking of the text meant to help you encounter Jesus.

Question 1 (1:00): Why doesn’t Paul abandon the language of slavery in describing how he relates to Christ? Shouldn’t sonship have replaced it?

Question 2 (5:20): What (if any) is the role of community in mortifying the flesh?

Question 3 (7:23): Besides the Bible, what are good books to read to learn more about the Holy Spirit?

Question 4 (11:30): JR said that the Holy Spirit is given to every person who trusted in Jesus, but what about the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Question 5 (18:30): What are some obvious signs that a person is experiencing a greater measure of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives?

Question 6 (20:47): What are the limits of sanctification before glorification, and why can't we with God's perfect, amazing,  boundless, sufficient, overflowing,  etc. grace be sinless now?

Question 7 (28:56): Can you make some recommendations of good Christian memoirs/biographies? I've read several and feel out of good options.