If you are interested in serving with a specific ministry within the church, click on a ministry below to learn more about service opportunities.  A ministry leader will reach out to you to get you information on serving opportunities within that specific ministry.



If you desire to love and teach children at their most important stage of development, KATC is for you. You can learn more about the commitment and fill out a form by clicking the button below.


If you have a passion to disciple and encourage Students from middle school to high school, the student ministry volunteer team would love your help.  You can learn more about how to become involved by clicking the button below. 


Our Hospitality Ministry includes our Welcoming, Auditorium, and Eyes and Ears teams.  These teams ensure that our gatherings are warm and welcoming to everyone entering our doors. Learn more about joining our Hospitality Ministry by clicking the button below.


Our team serves in either our 9am and 10:45am gatherings. We are looking for people who desire to give a listening ear and a caring prayer as a means of grace and hope. Learn more about our Care & Prayer team by clicking the button below.


We request that a person complete the Covenant Membership process in order to serve on most of our teams. The Welcome and Service Prep teams within our hospitality ministry are open to all, so those would be good options if you have yet to become a covenant member of CATC.